The Zombie Apocalypse – With Zombie Cows!

Zombie Baseball Beatdown audio bookZombie Baseball Beatdown by Paolo Bacigalupi, read by Sunil Malhotra. New York : Random House/Listening Library, 2013.

Moooo! You may have heard that conditions on factory farms and at meat packing plants can be bad. But this one has turned the cows into zombies, eager to chow down on flesh. And they’re as happy to eat humans as they are to chomp on fellow cows. What will happen if these monsters are slaughtered, packaged, and served to humans? Could it be the zombie apocalypse? Rabi, Miguel, and Joe are about to find themselves using their bats for something other than swinging at fast balls.

This is definitely entry-level horror with a big dose of humor. Don’t get me wrong. There’s plenty of bloodshed and cartoon violence. But it doesn’t have the same intensity level as something like Rot & Ruin by Jonathan Maberry, making it perfect for a slightly younger audience. Bacigalupi doesn’t shy away from controversial social issues either. His other YA books, Ship Breaker and The Drowned Cities, deal with climate change and its effects. Zombie Baseball Beatdown tackles illegal immigration and bigotry in addition to taking on the meat-packing industry and factory farms. The message feels a bit heavy-handed at times. But I don’t think the intended audience will be bothered by that.

All in all, a fun middle grade book. Sunil Malhotra does a fantastic job of bringing the story to life. I will never hear a cow’s moo quite the same way! It’s hard to believe that he is also the voice of Park in Eleanor & Park. He’s got a truly impressive range and I will be looking for other audio books he narrates.


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