New Paranormal Romance Series

Cover of Unbreakable by Kami GarcieUnbreakable by Kami Garcia. New York: Little, Brown and Company, 2013.

Kennedy never believed in ghosts, until the night one tried to kill her. The events of that night thrust her into a darker world where a demon wants her dead. Fighting that demon is a group of 5 people called The Legion. Its members are descended from those who mistakenly released the demon into the world. The catch is that every adult member of The Legion was killed in one night, the same night Kennedy’s mother was killed. Their teenage successors believe Kennedy’s mom was a member and that Kennedy is meant to take her mother’s place. Kennedy knows nothing of the group and is sure they must be mistaken. But she joins them in their hunt for hidden pieces of a secret weapon they believe will banish the demon forever.

This was fast-paced, enjoyable read with just the right amount of horror for me. There isn’t anything really new here. Teenaged, orphaned demon hunters and secret societies are fairly common in YA fiction these days. At times it got a bit angsty for my taste. And I really am tired of love triangles. However, it was a fun read, and I will be looking forward to the next installment in the series. I think this book will be very popular with its target audience. It is a tried and true storyline that will definitely appeal to fans of paranormal romance. I can easily think of several teens in my library who will absolutely love this book.

Thanks to Little, Brown and Company for the digital advance copy through NetGalley.


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