A Mythology Lover’s Delight

Cover image of The Woken Gods by Gwenda BondThe Woken Gods by Gwenda Bond. Nottingham, UK: Strange Chemistry, 2013.

For eons, the old gods slept. But five years ago, something woke them. Since then, 17-year-old Kyra’s world has been very different. Technology is unpredictable and the seven trickster gods have established houses in Washington, DC.  Her father is an operative in the Society of the Sun, an organization tasked with keeping the gods under control. Her mother is an oracle who has moved out and avoids contact with Kyra. But Kyra finds herself caught up in the gods’ plotting with everything complicated by the secrets her family is keeping from her.

This is a fairly fast-paced adventure featuring gods from many different mythologies, including Sumerian and Egyptian. Occasionally the description slows the pacing down, but the information about the gods is interesting enough to make up for that.

While I enjoyed the story and loved that the mythology moved beyond the standard Greek and Roman pantheons, the characters never really came alive for me. Kyra does not develop much over the course of the story, and I never quite understood why Oz would continue to go along with everything she proposed.

Overall, this is a fun book that should appeal to fans of Rick Riordan. The ending leaves things open for a sequel or series, and I will certainly read any future installments in Kyra’s story.

New review of a digital Advanced Reader Copy provided by the publisher through NetGalley.


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