When Fairy Tales Are Real

Kill Me Softy by Sarah Cross. Egmont, 2012.
Cover of Kill Me Softly by Sarah CrossIn the town of Beau Rivage, fairy tales are real and curses can kill you.

Mira’s godmothers have always done their best to shelter her. They refuse to let her return to the town where she was born, the town where her parents died when she was a baby. On the verge of her sixteenth birthday, Mira runs away to try to connect with her past. She is unprepared for a place where fairy tale characters have come to life. These are not children’s bed time versions of the fairy tales, but the original, bloody versions. In fairy tales, sixteenth birthdays are often momentous occasions. Mira’s will be no exception.

Kill Me Softly is a fun, quick read. But it has its dark side as hinted at by the cover. Romance plays a key role in the story, but there is much more to the tale. At its core, this is a story that explores the idea of destiny. What do you do when you are swept up in a tale towards a future you don’t want? Is there a way around the curses and blessings bestowed by fairies, both good and bad? Is your identity dictated by your destiny? For those whose destiny is dictated by the story line of classic tales, such a life can be a curse.  And some curses are deadly.

The view of fairy tales as deadly and dangerous is reminiscent of Adam Gidwitz’s A Tale Dark and Grimm. This book will also likely appeal to fans of Mercedes Lackey’s tales of the 500 Kingdoms, where life is a constant struggle to resist the destiny dictated by fairy tales.



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