It’s Another Tiger. Oh No!

Oh, No! by Candace Fleming. Illustrated by Eric Rohmann. Schwartz & Wade Books, 2012. ISBN 9780375842719.

Cover of Oh, No! by Candace Fleming. Pictures by Eric RohmannUnlike the last picture book I reviewed, It’s a Tiger!, the tiger in Candace Fleming’s Oh, No! is not friendly or cuddly. Frog is being chased through the jungle by the tiger when Frog falls into a hole. “Ribbit-oops! Ribbit-oops!” As other animals pass by or stop to help, they all fall into the hole with frog. “Oh, no!” Just as the tiger returns with an offer to help them out, a large friend comes to the rescue. In the commotion that follows, Tiger falls into the the hole. Will the other animals help him out? “Oh, no!”

This is a story that begs to be read out loud! The rhythm is infectious and lends itself to singing or chanting. The repetition provides plenty of opportunities for children to join in with the story. Peter Rohmann’s illustrations are colorful and engaging. Rohmann captures each animal’s personality and emotions. I really loved the picture of all the animals peeking over the edge of the hole at the newly-stranded tiger. This book is sure to become a classic!

Early Literacy Hints:  This book is perfect for reading together because the text encourages children to join in, whether it be by repeating the animal’s cries of “Ribbet-oops!” or “Pippa-eeek!” or by shouting the chorus of “Oh, No!” The unusual animals in the story, like the loris and the sun bear, provide an opportunity for building vocabulary, and you could extend the lesson to include a S.T.E.M. component by learning more about animals that live in the jungle.


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