It’s A Tiger! And It’s Wonderful!

Cover of It's A Tiger!It’s A Tiger! by David LaRochelle. Illustrated by Jeremy Tankard.

“Are you ready for a story?” It starts with monkeys in the jungle. But wait! What’s that? As the title of this delightful book warns, it’s a tiger. The child in the story runs to escape, only to encounter the tiger again and again. Not even a sea voyage is enough to escape the persistent tiger that wants to eat us. Or does he?

This is a must have book that is a tremendous hit on multiple levels from a story that begs for interaction to amazing illustrations. Jeremy Tankard’s illustrations feature bold black outlines and bright colors. They alternate between broader scenes that invite children to find the hidden tiger and close up encounters with the tiger. As the book progresses, the tiger’s appearance becomes less fierce and more friendly, setting the stage for the beginning of a friendship.

The text is perfect for interactive reading or for a Preschool Storytime. Children will eagerly shout out, “A tiger!” each time the beast appears. In the end, they will be won over by the tiger who seems to just want a friend. So, let’s tell the tiger a story. Stories are fun and enjoyable. What could go wrong?

Early Literacy Hints:  This book lends itself well to promoting Print Awareness because of the variation in letter style and size. Children will already be eager to join in by shouting, “A tiger!” Encourage them to do so when you point to those words in the book to help them recognize that the words represent what they are saying.


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