The Hub Reading Challenge Update – Week 3

The Hub 2013 Reading Challenge Participant BadgeWow, I did a lot of reading this week! Between the holiday and not having any sub hours at work, I clearly had way too much time on my hands at home. Did I use that time productively to get projects done? No, I read and read and read. Much more fun. Not only did I finish 5 books and 1 audio book, I also read from 3 new categories. So I only have 4 categories left to fulfill my personal goal of at least one book from each award or list, and I already have books from each of those lists on hand.

Song of the Lioness quartet by Tamora Pierce
I told myself I was going to pace myself on these books, reading one per week. Alas, I am incapable of such restraint. I read the last three in the space of two days. These were perfect for a week that I was treating as a bit of a vacation. Usually my To-Read pile is way too big for me to indulge in re-reading old favorites. This challenge allows me to do that without feeling guilty.

Cover of The Pregnancy Project by Gaby RodriguezThe Pregnancy Project by Gaby Rodriguez
This was my first title from the Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers list. It certainly took a lot of guts for Gaby Rodriguez to do this project. She exposes a lot of stereotypes about teen mothers. I was particularly struck by the way society so often punishes them and their children as if that was going to make the problem go away. This is definitely a thought-provoking book that teens should be reading.

Cover of Brilliance Audio edition of The Fault in Our Stars by John GreenThe Fault in Our Stars by John Green. Read by Kate Rudd.
Since I had read the book a couple of months ago, I knew this was not an audio I wanted to listen to while driving. Even knowing what happens, I still got teary-eyed. Again, this was the perfect week for this book, one when I could sit at home doing a puzzle while listening. I really like the way John Green challenges the, dare I say it, stereotype of the child with cancer as an upbeat fighter. He lets his characters be real, frustrated, angry and depressed. And in love. Kate Rudd did an excellent job of bringing the characters to life. She made me feel dreamy-eyed about Augustus Waters.

Cover of the graphic novel, Drama, by Raina TelgemeierDrama by Raina Telgemeier.This book transported me back to my time in high school drama productions. Since I can’t sing, I was always relegated to the chorus. But the backstage drama could be as intense as that onstage, as in this graphic novel. I really enjoyed Drama.  Yet another graphic novel I probably would not have gotten around to reading without the challenge. After all, I’ve been telling myself I need to read Telgemeier’s Smile for almost a year, but still haven’t gotten there. I think I need to log on and place a request for that right now!


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