Fine Cooking in Season

Editors of Fine Cooking Magazine. Fine Cooking In Season. Newtown, CT: Taunton Press, 2011. $22.95

Have you ever wondered what to do with fennel or parsnips? How to choose and store mangoes? How to preserve Swiss chard? Or just how make the most of fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables? Fine Cooking In Season by the editors of Fine Cooking Magazine provides the answers.

This lushly illustrated celebration of seasonal produce is more than just a collection of recipes. It is a clear and useful guide to choosing the best quality produce and storing it correctly to make the most of seasonally available ingredients. Fine Cooking In Season follows the seasons from Spring through Winter, highlighting both familiar and less well-known foods available throughout the year. Each ingredient is beautifully photographed to aid identification. However, this book lacks illustrations of the individual dishes and cooking steps.

As one would expect, given the caliber of chefs contributing to this cookbook, the recipes are sophisticated and require some experience in the kitchen. The directions are clearly written, but these are not dishes for the novice cook. The recipes read well and are definitely appealing. However, the true test of a cookbook is in actually cooking the recipes, something that is not possible due to alterations in the digital galley. If the actual results match the quality of information, this book merits space on the shelf of anyone serious about making the most of the freshest ingredients available.

(Review of Digital Galley provided through Net Galley)


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